Our adventure course designed around the school curriculum delivers your pre-selected curricular foci through wild places and an excellent choice of adventurous activity. A residential course of real adventure in wild places. Our course the most popular offer to schools, which can be customised to reinforce your values and curriculum.

Course delivery has a growth mindset philosophy and includes our six core elements of teamwork, leadership, resilience, weather, nutrition and positive communication. For schools using the Curriculum for Excellence, CfE, you will have the option to identify and integrate specific experiences and outcomes. These include

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Literacy and English
  • Numeracy and mathematics
  • Social studies
  • Science and technology.

We build on the four CfE capacities, integrate Learning for Sustainability and challenge participants to think critically and creatively throughout the course. They learn about personal and group risk management through different challenges and experiences. Altogether, this provides a unique opportunity to apply cross-curricular learning via practical outdoor skills.

The course can be adjusted to include great achievement awards such as JASS and the John Muir Award and critical milestones, including P7 to S1 transition.

We work in partnership with you to create a detailed course which matches your needs, which will be adjusted throughout your stay to maximise participation and achievements and take advantage of what our wild surroundings have to offer. There is a vast range of adventurous activities, mostly offsite. Explore activities

Each group typically has a dedicated instructor who builds relationships quickly and adjusts the course in partnership with you and the participants to maximise support and challenge. We rely on past experiences to ensure participants achieve and apply their skills, knowledge and understanding within different contexts. Participants will have time to reflect on their experiences and discuss their next challenge!

There is a developing set of resources to support cross-curriculum learning, which assists in making the residential course an integral part of your school curriculum.

Due to significant demand, we highly recommend you enquire and book well in advance. Call or email the relevant centre to speak to an adviser, who can guide you.

Example user groups: Primary 6, Primary 7 and Secondary school groups.