Master the art of using a bow and arrow. Practice patience, improve focus and train hand, eye coordination in this popular target sport. We have evolved and enforce a strict activity safety regime, to teach discipline and safety. Archery provides you with a sense of accomplishment and being a part of something, with a remarkable history. We can adapt our archery equipment to suitindividual needs and abilities.

At Lagganlia's archery field you will be under the watchful eye of our trained instructors. After a brief introduction to the sport, we will instruct you on how to set up the area and, most importantly, how to use your bow and arrow safely and effectively.


Argyll and Cairngorms

Bushcraft is about acquiring the skills and knowledge to survive and thrive in the natural environment. Practicing resourcefulness, you will learn to light a fire, cook on an open fire and build a shelter. Bushcraft fosters a close connection with nature and builds confidence and self esteem.

You could find yourself sleeping in a tent in a remote Scottish valley, surrounded by stunning wild lanscapes. Camping can be part of an extended, specialist expedition or merely a introductory night away from our centres. Around Benmore, camp sites include Glenbranter and Local Hills and Feshie Woods at Lagganlia.


Argyll and Cairngorms

The spectacular environments around Benmore and Lagganlia contains a vast variety of scenery, habitat and land use. Whatever the content of your field studies course, you will come into close contact with lochs and burns, mountains and glens, towns and farms. You will encounter the inhabitants and some of the forces that shape the landscape. In the end, you will have a better understanding of the beauty and complexity of the Scottish countryside. In the Benmore area, field study sites include Strath Eck, Glen Massan and Inverary and Lagganlia is set in the Feshie Woods.


Argyll and Cairngorms

Working as a member, or leader of a team, you will work together to accomplish tasks and challenges. You could be tasked with building and travelling on a raft or making and using a rope bridge to cross a river. The possibilities are endless and the outcomes revealing and rewarding. We deliver problem solving and team building to educational establishments and corporate teams. We can customise outdoor experiences and difficulty levels to meet your needs.