Benmore - Argyll

Bouldering is fast becoming a regular activity. Short rock-climbs of all standards on boulders and rock slabs, a first step towards the thrills of rock climbing, usually without the use of ropes. Glen Masson near Benmore is an excellent location for bouldering, and our instructors can guide you through this activity.


Benmore - Argyll

Most groups choose rock climbing and abseiling when they visit Benmore, and they are undoubtedly amongst the most exciting pursuits. We are lucky to have a good climbing crags within walking distance as well as a large indoor climbing wall.  Glen Massan, near Benmore has great access to Local Sports Crag at Farrletter.

Lagganlia - Cairngorms

If you are experienced and want a challenge, the Cairngorms offer a great variety of easily accessible multi pitch climbs.Why not explore climbs and abseils further afield, inluding the famous Ben Nevis, just over an hours drive away.  There is traditional Climbing at Kingussie Crag, Creag Dubh, or Huntly's Cave.


Argyll and Cairngorms

A great way to encourage teamwork, and build confidence and trust as well as being an individual challenge. Progress from low elements such as balance beams, tension traverses and postmans walk to the high ropes course of the catwalk, trapeze, Jacob’s ladder and inclined log at Benmore or the spiders web, leap of faith and tree climb at Lagganlia


Benmore - Argyll

Not far away from Benmore, there are a variety of caves at Loch Eck which are great for exploration. They also have significant historical interest. Many people find our caves a different, challenging and rewarding experience.  Our experienced instructors can guide you through the caves.


Argyll and Cairngorms
One of the most outrageous of our activities and certainly one of the wettest. You will be negotiating rocky streams, waterfalls and other obstacles trying to stay dry for as long as possible. Generally, ropes are not required although sometimes they can be used as handrails or for traversing over the water. There are several including Kilmun, Glen Massan and Bernice near Benmore and the River Feshie near Lagganlia.


Argyll and Cairngorms

Canyoning is the ultimate adventure experience. Using various skills and techniques, you will be jumping, sliding, abseiling, and swimming your way through the canyon environment. This canyoning experience has something for everyone, big cliff jumps, small cliff jumps, waterfall bathing, slides and caves. There are several including Kilmun and Glen Massan near Benmore and the River Feshie near Lagganlia.