The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) Communities and Families’ Excursions Policy provides a framework for safe and effective off-site visits. The policy and resources are accessible via the tabs below and intended for use by CEC staff and approved volunteers for CEC excursions only. Contact us for further information.


CEC employees and approved volunteers should visit this page regularly to check on updated resources. Registered CEC Excursions Coordinators are informed about revised policy information and forms via the coordinator's update, details on how to register can be found in the policy.

The Sport and Outdoor Learning Unit has created resources to support employees and approved volunteers. These include a summary guide flowchart, an induction guide for people new to Edinburgh, various forms to help different types of excursions, and a privacy notice relating to CEC groups. The critical information and consent forms include GDPR information for legal carers.

For employers who are interested in us providing excursions support and training visit Consultancy and Commissioning

Documents and downloads:

Policy, Toolbox & Induction
Adventurous Activity Guidance
Risk Assessment Templates
Policy, Toolbox & Induction

Excursions Summary Flowchart

Summary flowchart to identify categories and actions. Flowchart link.

The City of Edinburgh Council's (CEC) Excursions Policy

This is CEC's employer guidance for the safe and effective planning and delivery of Council offsite visits.

Excursions Policy Guide June 2018 (pdf 3.1mb)

This policy is being reviewed and updated in Autumn 2022. 

Excursions Resource Overseas104.12 KB

Excursions Toolbox

This is a live resource that details the latest Council position statements and resources. It has supported CEC excursions during COVID-19 and during the current recovery and renewal phase.

Access is via the CEC Learning and Teaching SharePoint (restricted access), Excursions Coordinator or via the link below (password protected - email Andrew.Bradshaw@edinburgh.gov.uk to request access). 

Latest CEC Excursions Toolbox (password protected) link

The City of Edinburgh Council Excursions Privacy Notice

Appendix 4 Privacy Notice Excursions May 15 2018 Vers 1 (pdf 147kb)

The City of Edinburgh Council Excursions Induction Resources

Excursions Policy Guide July 2018 (docx 734kb)

Excursions Policy Induction Guide_Excursions Coordinators July 2018 (docx 23kb)

Excursions Policy Induction Guide Group Leaders July_2018 (docx 23kb)


Excursions Toolbox

The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) staff and approved volunteers should access the latest version of the Excursions Toolbox to check position statements and resources, including advice regarding minimising financial risks. This Toolbox remains live and should be used to support excursion planning. Access to the Toolbox is via the Council's SharePoint (restricted access), your registered Excursions Coordinator or contacting excursions@edinburgh.gov.uk.

Baseline Mitigations

CEC groups should retain suitable and sufficient routine protective measures (below) to ensure that risks arising from coronavirus can be appropriately mitigated – embed into planning, risk assessment and delivery. Many of the template risk assessments incorporate the baseline mitigations.


Managing Respiratory Infections - Residentials

An innovative resource to support planning and responding to respiratory infections such as COVID-19 on a residential visit. This guidance should be used by CEC employees and approved volunteers to minimise transmission risks and to support you in responding in accordance with the latest national guidance.



These checklists are designed to guide and support The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) staff and approved volunteers in designing and delivering safe and effective excursions.

UK Residential Visits Checklist

Use this checklist to support UK residential visits to the UK. Ensure you check that a provider is on The City of Edinburgh COVID-19 UK residential approved providers list - applies to 2022 and 2023 visits (access via the CEC Teaching and Learning link). Access to the list is via your registered Excursions Coordinator. Contact Andrew.Bradshaw@edinburgh.gov.uk to access the list. 


If you do not have access to the CEC Teaching and Learning system and need to check the The City of Edinburgh COVID-19 UK residential approved providers list, please contact Andrew.Bradshaw@edinburgh.gov.uk. Please do not book with a residential provider until you have checked this list. Any providers interested in joining this list should contact Andrew.Bradshaw@edinburgh.gov.uk.

Overseas Visits Checklist

This is currently being finalised. Contact Andrew.Bagnall@edinburgh.gov.uk for advice and support.

Adventurous Activity Guidance

Information to be added here during August 2022.

Risk Assessment Templates

These risk assessment templates are designed for use by The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) staff and approved volunteers for CEC excursions. These should be adjusted to ensure they are suitable and sufficient for your excursion; your offsite visit linked to specific locations, providers and meets the needs of your participants and supervisory adults.

The links below will take you to a folder so templates can be downloaded. Please remember: these are designed for CEC excursions only and should be adjusted to support specific offsite visits linked to different contexts. Group Leaders, Excursions Coordinators and Head of Establishments are responsible for ensuring risk assessments are suitable and sufficient.


General 'outdoors' risk assessment template link.


General 'indoors' risk assessment template link.

Overnight/residential (UK)

Overnight/residential (UK) risk assessment template link.


Coach risk assessment template link.

Minibus risk assessment template link.

Public trasnport (bus / tram / train) risk assessment template link.

Taxi risk assessment template link. 

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expeditions

CEC operates an online DofE community via Microsoft Teams. If you are a CEC member of staff or approved volunteer and are not part of this community, contact Fraser.Robertson@edinburgh.gov.uk for access. This will provide you with access to various resources including a DofE expedition template risk assessment and DofE water provision template risk assessment.


Forms Summary

Use this resource to check on what forms are required for different types of offsite visits. 

CEC Excursions Forms Summary.pdf

Category 3 Approval Forms

Cateogry 3 'single' and 'multi' visits approval forms link - Appendices 1a and 1b.

Category 4 Approval Forms

Cateogry 4 'single', 'multi' and 'sleepover' visits approval forms link - Appendics 2a - 2c.

Key Information and Consent (KIC) Forms

KIC annual form link - Appendix 3a

KIC single (Categories 3 and 4, excluding Bangholm, Benmore and Lagganlia visits) form link - Appendix 3b.

KIC centres (visits via or to Bangholm, Benmore and Lagganlia) form link - Appendix 3c

KIC supervising adult (for adults who are classed as supervisory adults) form link - Appendix 3di

KIC particpating adult (for adults who are a participant and not undertaking any supervisory duties) form link - Appendix 3dii

KIC bld form link - Appendix 3e.

KIC med form link - Appendix 3f